How to clean the house after a fire and what steps to follow

How to clean the house after a fire and what steps to follow

How to clean the house after a fire and what steps to follow

15 Jun 2021 |

Going through an experience as traumatic as having a fire in your home can be devastating both emotionally and materially. Even a small fire can cause serious d

The Importance Of Fire Retardant Paint

05 Feb 2021 | Resources

While both fire retardant paint is highly protective, neither is fire-resistant paint. Fire retardant paint is specially designed to make fire damage impossible

Fireproof Kitchen Flooring – Concrete

03 Nov 2020 |

The kitchen is the primary functional and social center in almost every household, and it's often where fires start. It is appealing to update your kitchen look

Flammable Cladding – Property Developers Continue to Cut Corners

16 Aug 2020 | Opinions

Highly Flammable 'Death Trap' Cladding Developers Cut Keep Corners for Personal Profits The flammable cladding material often found in buildings is a safety r

Electrical Safety

16 Aug 2020 |

Electrical safety continues to dominate the conversation in the industry as professionals across the country seek to improve and update compliance with electric

Fire Australia is the flagship publication of Fire Protection Association Australia

15 Aug 2020 |

  Fire Australia Is the one of the largest fire service in the world, behind the United States of America.   Fire Australia Magazine produces

Fire-resistant Glass in Large Construction

15 Aug 2020 | News and Media

The issues concerning glass and the potential problems associated with a fire hazards is very serious. The consequences of complacency can be severe, not just p

Climate explained: how different crops or trees help strip carbon dioxide from the air

14 Aug 2020 |

While hemp does not sequester as much carbon dioxide as trees, it can be used as an efficient energy crop or in concrete, both with a potentially positive carbo

Neighbour tried to save young boy trapped in fatal public housing blaze

14 Aug 2020 |

Boy Dies in Fitzroy Council Estate Fire Ablaze the low-rise commission housing in North Fitzroy took the life of a child before Emergency services could respon

Download the Free Fire Extinguisher Charts

14 Aug 2020 | Resources

Fire Extinguisher Info-Chart - Free Resource  Last year, every Australian received a free fire extinguishing plan for their home or office. It is a core value