How to clean the house after a fire and what steps to follow

How to clean the house after a fire and what steps to follow

How to clean the house after a fire and what steps to follow

15 Jun 2021 |

Going through an experience as traumatic as having a fire in your home can be devastating both emotionally and materially. Even a small fire can cause serious d

The Importance Of Fire Retardant Paint

05 Feb 2021 | Resources

While both fire retardant paint is highly protective, neither is fire-resistant paint. Fire retardant paint is specially designed to make fire damage impossible

Flammable Cladding – Property Developers Continue to Cut Corners

16 Aug 2020 | Opinions

Highly Flammable 'Death Trap' Cladding Developers Cut Keep Corners for Personal Profits The flammable cladding material often found in buildings is a safety r

Fire Australia is the flagship publication of Fire Protection Association Australia

15 Aug 2020 |

  Fire Australia Is the one of the largest fire service in the world, behind the United States of America.   Fire Australia Magazine produces

Fire-resistant Glass in Large Construction

15 Aug 2020 | News and Media

The issues concerning glass and the potential problems associated with a fire hazards is very serious. The consequences of complacency can be severe, not just p

Climate explained: how different crops or trees help strip carbon dioxide from the air

14 Aug 2020 |

While hemp does not sequester as much carbon dioxide as trees, it can be used as an efficient energy crop or in concrete, both with a potentially positive carbo

Neighbour tried to save young boy trapped in fatal public housing blaze

14 Aug 2020 |

Boy Dies in Fitzroy Council Estate Fire Ablaze the low-rise commission housing in North Fitzroy took the life of a child before Emergency services could respon

Download the Free Fire Extinguisher Charts

14 Aug 2020 | Resources

Fire Extinguisher Info-Chart - Free Resource  Last year, every Australian received a free fire extinguishing plan for their home or office. It is a core value

Second kitchen fire within a week prompts reminder to never leave cooking unattended

14 Aug 2020 |

Keep an eye on the kitchen Firefighters are urging people to keep an eye on their kitchen after a second house fire caused by unattended cooking in a week.

Newtown Firefighter gets second chance at professional rugby

13 Aug 2020 |

James on 2nd Chance Charlie James Cockburn is a career firefighter at Newtown Station, but recently you might have seen his face on your TV screens and billb