Fireproof Kitchen Flooring – Concrete

Fireproof Kitchen Flooring – Concrete

Fireproof Kitchen Flooring – Concrete

The kitchen is the primary functional and social center in almost every household, and it’s often where fires start. It is appealing to update your kitchen looks once in a while, but many don’t think of the safety angle. Kitchen cabinets to the flooring are highly flammable when constructed from timber. Of particular interest is the timber kitchen flooring, and the need to update to a fireproof solution such as concrete. Currently, contemporary polished concrete flooring is very trendy and offers the additional safety.

Below is a guide on how to update the aesthetic of your kitchen floor and keeping it within the fire safe design.


Before you start removing your current flooring for a better one, there are a few things to consider first, such as;

* The ease of cleaning.
* Durability
* Which pattern do you want?
* Material. Is it strong? Is it too slippery for kids?


* Select your new floor. There are many options to choose from in the modern world. Ranging from fire proof vinyl, concrete to laminate floors, you can easily update your kitchen’s aesthetics without much hassle. When replacing or updating your kitchen floors, it’s a good idea to consult with a general contractor or a flooring expert.

A few things to note is how often items are dropped or spilled on the floor, how often you engage your kitchen, and the level of maintenance and care the updated floor design will need. List out the requirements of everyone’s kitchen habits will help direct you to select the correct floor for your lifestyle.


Bamboo is one of the most fire prone materials to be incorporated in home decorations. It is used in making furniture and, in this case, elegant kitchen floors. It has a timbered style; it’s warm and environmentally friendly. However this is a dangerous choice when it comes to fire safety. It is a suitable flooring material to consider removing and replacing due to its fire prone properties.


Cork is a unique and attractive kitchen flooring option for those unconcerned with the fire risk. It is different from other flooring materials and is rare to find. It is a fantastic heat insulator and a sound barrier, making it ideal for you if you live in an apartment and care for the neighbors’ peace.


Vinyl floors are mostly waterproof and are available in a wide range of chic trending styles that are strong and durable.


White and grey laminates add a clean, modern coastal vibe to your kitchen. An all-white wood-effect is a superb choice if you have a darker kitchen.

  • Remove all appliances and furniture from the kitchen. Sweep the floor clean. The most pleasing kitchen floor will run from wall to wall. Uniformity is vital when decorating. Therefore, you have to ensure the updated floor runs from wall to wall of the entire kitchen.
  • Remove the old floors. Removing these can be time-consuming and frankly a little difficult for an amateur DIY beginner. Tiles can be especially tough to remove since individual pieces have to be removed by breaking using a sledgehammer and chisel. Then the grout has to be removed from the subfloor using a commercial stripping solution. If the old floor is vinyl, the process is equally as tiresome. The floor is removed with a heat gun and a utility knife. The floor is then teared up, and the glue is removed with a commercial adhesive removal product.

You can update and replace vinyl floors by installing the floor directly over the old vinyl. If the previous floor was hardwood or laminate, it must be removed entirely, and a fresh underlayment laid once you are ready to proceed with remodeling.

  • Install the new floor following the manufacturer’s manual. Installing laminate flooring and vinyl does not take as long as tiles and wood flooring, which can last several days or even weeks. The duration of installation depends on the patterns you desire and the size of the kitchen floor. Once all elements are dry, return the furniture and appliances to their respective places.

Other modern materials that help in bringing you kitchen flooring into the 21st century include;

* Rubber flooring.
* Natural stone
* Dark solid wood
* Herringbone pattern
* Hexagon tiles for kitchen flooring.


A modern kitchen brings your household members closer. It is one of the effects of unique and attractive home décor. You can choose to update your kitchen floor’s aesthetics either on your own or with professional help, as long as you get to choose your design.