How Should You Prepare for At-Home Renovations?

How Should You Prepare for At-Home Renovations?

How Should You Prepare for At-Home Renovations?

When it comes to designing their own kitchens, many homeowners find themselves vulnerable to a lot of similar problems. This is because the most important factor- owner efficiency- is neglected during the planning phase.


In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the most common issues homeowners tend to face so you can work about how to address them in your own kitchen.


Lack of Storage

First and foremost, we’d have to address the glaring problem of lack of storage that all homeowners face after a few good years. Insufficient storage leads to that cluttered feeling that all owners detest. This is nothing that a few appropriately placed cabinets and open shelves can’t solve, however. Don’t forget that there are other sneaky storage options to consider as well like hidden racks or drawers.


Poor Layout

When considering layout, it usually helps to think of your own needs, your lifestyle, how many people live in the house etc. Most people tend to opt for a traditional kitchen triangle but the most efficient spaces are those that have their own areas for prepping, washing, cooking etc. This gives your kitchen a far more organized look and allows it to be more spacious as well.


Low Counter Space

Many people often don’t put enough thought into the positioning of their counters. For example, it would really help to have your stone tech counters built next to a fridge or oven for when you’re pulling out heavy plates of food at a time. It’s always better to include more space for countertops than what you think you’d need.



Having traffic moving through your kitchen space can be really annoying when working on your own chores. You can minimize interference, however, by being smart about your layout. For example, it would be ideal to keep frequently used applications close to the door or to the side so family members wouldn’t have to disturb you to get what they want. You could also set up two separate prep zones or keep yourself in good view of the entrance so you’ll know who’s coming.


Poor Ventilation

Having your kitchen poorly ventilated means that not only do you have to suffer with the stuffiness as soon as you walk through those doors but odd cooking smells and odours will still linger on for some time making staying in your kitchen an unpleasant experience. Combat this by a choosing a high-quality range hood that will be more energy efficient.


Task Lighting

It’s important to keep in mind that counters tend to be positioned under cabinets, which in turn tend to cast shadows. This is a definite sign of a lack of task lighting. You can easily solve the problem by adding cabinet lighting or spotlights on the underside of the upper cabinets. Having pendant lights fixed up along an island also tends to look rather striking.

These are the most common kitchen design problems likely to hold you back if you don’t consider them in the planning process! Work around them and you’re good to go!