Neighbour tried to save young boy trapped in fatal public housing blaze

Neighbour tried to save young boy trapped in fatal public housing blaze

Neighbour tried to save young boy trapped in fatal public housing blaze

Boy Dies in Fitzroy Council Estate Fire

Ablaze the low-rise commission housing in North Fitzroy took the life of a child before Emergency services could respond – luckily no other residents were killed.


A neighbour ran into a burning building on Saturday to rescue a young boy after a fire engulfed a residential building in the city’s northwest. Kevin Georgiadis, 52, heard screams from inside the Nicholson Street building just after noon and rushed outside to find a woman with a newborn, who told a crowd of onlookers that there was still a boy in the apartment.


“It didn’t look too bad” he said, but when I got in there, everything was black. And I couldn’t go any further. I went into the kitchen and the lounge and he was still in the apartment but he couldn’t go out.


Shortly afterwards, firefighters were seen sprinting into the smoking building with the boy in their arms and taking him to a waiting ambulance. The boy died a short time later in hospital and firefighters saw shortly afterwards that they had taken him back to the ambulance waiting.


The low rise council house on the corner of St Mary’s Road and St Paul’s Street is now a crime scene.


Residents, many of them elderly, were forced to flee shortly after midday after a third-floor apartment went up in flames. Firefighters were at the scene within four minutes of the alarm and a man climbed onto the ground floor with a nine metre ladder. As firefighters searched the rest of the building for trapped residents, the man screamed for help and was also rescued from an upstairs window.


A 25-year-old man was also treated for smoke inhalation but no one was injured, and the shop owner, who did not want to be named, said he saw firefighters jump on a four-year-old child.


Deputy Fire Chief Costa Katsikis, who was at the scene of the accident, praised the efforts and swift action of the rescue workers. The firefighters did an excellent job today and they should be proud of their performance, Katsiki said. He praised the excellent response and implementation of the training and for that we must praise it.


More than 35 firefighters brought the blaze under control within 20 minutes, the cause of the fire is not yet known. Those alerted by sirens and thick smoke at the scene were urged to contact police before being asked to leave the building.